Michiel ter Reehorst

Full-stack Javascript professional

Winner Global Meteor Hackathon
2015 · category "Best Game"

In 2015 the first official Meteor hackathon was organized. Together with a friend we made a working strategy game within 24 hours and won in the category "Best Game". There were almost a 1000 participants, so we were very proud to have won!

You can see more details about the project at the devpost submission.

Lead skills

I've been a team leader and technical lead for a couple of years. It's totally different then "just" developing, but I like the skills I'm learning in the process.

Process skills

We've been developing in an agile manner, using an online KanBan board for managing the development process and GitFlow for the technical process. I'm responsible for these processes and the planning of new tasks and features (among other things).

Technical skills

Well, the most important ones at least, in order of liking.

Programming languages:
Javascript (ES6+) · Coffeescript · Java · PHP
MongoDB · Redis · MySQL
Distributed revision control:
Git · SVN
Server platforms:
Node.js · Apache


This list would be endless, but I'll name a few I like.

Heroku · Galaxy · Digital Ocean · Modulus
Project Management
GitHub Projects · Sprint.ly · Asana · Basecamp
Webstorm · VS Code · Atom.io · SublimeText · Textmate

Online Marketing

Because of my job I know a thing or two about online marketing tools and their APIs.

AdWords · Analytics · Webmaster Tools / Search Analytics · Drive
And some others
Facebook Ads · Bing Ads · Twitter Ads